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  • 06/17/12--02:41: Re: vSpher Web Client
  • Hi APJ_vm, U can check the video in this page:


    Make sure u got installed Adobe Flash Player


    If not, you cannot register vCenter Server web client

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  • 06/17/12--02:46: Using the é with VMware
  • Hi, not sure if this hasn't been brought up earlier, but I would like to present it (again?)

    Why Can't VMware software use non asci letters?

    Actually, I can't even use my own name (containing an é) as my screen name for this forum.

    I can't work with VMware converter because of the é in my username.

    The program just won't let me convert anything as there are illegal characters in the username.
    I 'm trying Workstation now, got a popup for an update and than a message about invalid letters and ending up with a progrogram which can't be removed or updated.

    My guess is that these are related problems.


    Going through this forum I found a topic on how to remove files and registry entries to resolve the "The MSI '' failed." error.

    Is this really a "users" job, or do we need a 125,- euro's per hour IT specialist for such a job.

    Please do not reply to this thread on how you use VMWare for years without any problems.

    I know there will be millions of users who do, but this thread is for users who can't, or are willing to have such an experience too.


    Or is this the reason why VMware Netherlands can't be reached by telephone?

    With 3 calls on diffrent days/hours of waiting on hold for more than 45 minutes I gave up.

    Funny thing, when I registered the first time for a download I was called by a sales rep. within a few hours.



    Please do not reply to this thread how third party software solves the not uninstalling problem: I do not want to install more applications on my machine than I am actually using.

    If one is asking money (no problem there) for a program (like workstation), a user can expect to be using it or removing it without any help of professionals nor aditional third party software.

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    We can not install the previous patches same issue.

    We have reboot te server many times


    how can we reinstall the bootbank?



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    This issue is also apparent in unfenced deployments as well on our rig. Although not so immediate I'm still experiencing VMs losing connection to the rest of the configuration when reverted to a point captured in a prior deployment of the same configuration.


    It would logically suggest that the virtualrouter has no part in the problem and it's not the fact that the port group on the fenced deployment is created afresh each time.  Experimenting with different binding types has made no difference (and this used to work when left with default static option and nothing has been changed on the rig)



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    I have recently recieved a prompt to update the vmware player i installed on my server. After running the update process i was prompted with an msi fail. I then attempted to remove the player using add remove which again provoked this msi fail error. I have found varying instructions to remove a broken/failed install uninstall. None of which seem to work. The /clean switch seems to run but does not remove the program from the programs and features menu. There is also no entry in the registry where it was suggested to remove the vmware entry for a failed uninstall. I do not have an msi copy of the install file to run the forced install function which was also suggested. I am local a local administrator and i also tried the msconfig step to stop any service other than microsoft running from booting up. Thanks in Advance


    windows server 2008 r2

    vmware player 4.0.3

    upgrade 4.0.4

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    Powercli script to re-name a file /usr/lib/vmware/hostd/docroot/index.html in all esxi4.x&5.x.

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  • 06/17/12--04:48: ThinApp Updates?
  • Hi there,


    The release notes for 1.5 state that Horizon now supports update of ThinApps.

    But the documentation lacks any information about how to do them.

    Can anyone provide me with any information about how to setup my packages and my share?



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  • 06/17/12--04:52: Per-device Enforcing feature
  • Hi there,


    As all of the Microsoft applications are licensed per-device, it is important that a product like Horizon supports that.

    The new 1.5 release notes state that Per-device Enforcing is now available. Looks great on paper, but in reality it only has some hooks to some "licensing workflow" people should have. And then, IT as to develop their own connectors in Java and with RabbitMQ. So, to use this basic feature we all have to be skilled in java. There is complete lack of out of box funcionality to report or enforce this licensing scheme. And this for a 60€/user + SnS product!

    I wonder if is there even any "licensing workflow" software available for me to buy, that just works with Horizon...

    Does VMware plan to fix this, by offering in-box support for per-device licensing?


    As of 1.5 Horizon, this feature is pointless.



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    I've installed a vCSA on ESXi 5, I've configured the database type to embedded, the vCenter is started, all the services are running.


    The problem is that I cannot access the vCSA from vSphere client I receive the following errror "vSphere Client could not connect to "vcsa". An unknown connection error occurred. (The request failed because of a connection failure.(Unable to connect to the remote server)), although I can ping it and could also access it from my Web Browser.


    Could you help me in this issue please.


    This is my first discussion, so be nice .

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  • 06/17/12--05:37: ThinApp Delete/Readd
  • Hi there,


    I'm trying to do the following use cases, but failing:


    - Delete a ThinApp from the share: Connector still lists the application as uploaded; Horizon Manager still lists the application as well;

    - Readding a ThinApp: I delete a ThinApp application from Horizon, but then want to readd it; Even if I sync the connector, the application does not show on the Application Manager


    Is there a way to accomplish this?



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    Hi there,


    Does Horizon still gets the ThinApps directly from the network share?

    Is there any plan to get them with HTTP, maybe by serving/proxying the files from the connector?



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    ok. Veja se as portas necessarias para o VMware View estão ok no firewall ou coisa do tipo -

    A outra opção é recriar o certificado dele.

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  • 06/17/12--06:02: Re: Vmware Vmotion
  • Para configurar você precisa criar um port group em ambos hosts VMware que irão utilizar o VMotion.


    Networking > Properties > Add > VMKernel > Seleciona a opção Use this port group for vMotion.


    Lembre-se que os Hosts que irão utilizar o VMotion devem estar no mesmo range de IP.


    Se a resposta foi util, atribua os pontos por favor

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  • 06/17/12--06:02: Re: iscsi naa format
  • Venkatesh M wrote:


    Thanks rickardnobel



    But .i need to do test below scenario:


    1. Creating the LUN from array .

    2. Changing VMware iscsi initiator name in naa format.

    3. Login to LUN using dynamic discovery.

    4. Check if my LUN is mapped or not. I am expecting the LUN should be mapped on ESXi.


    Misunderstanding due to the terms.  The NAA ID will be a unique identifer for each lun, not your initiator.


    What it appears that you're trying to do based upon the above steps is to do is change the WWN for the iSCSI Initiator.  There are two ways


    via VI Client

    -Under the host view go to the configuration tab

    -Storage adapters

    -right click on your iSCSI initiator (probably vmhba33)

    -on the general tab, click "configure" and change the iSCSI name



    Via CLI


    vim-cmd hostsvc/storage/iscsi_set_name vmhba33

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    Bem Vindo ao Forum,

    Cara, essa é uma questão complicada....Quantas vCPU´s entregar para sua VM ?


    Isso vai depender, primeiramente se você dar 8vcpu a uma VM pode ser que ela não tenha o melhor desempenho, isso vai variar da aplicação que está executando, se essa aplicação é monothread ou multithread, ou seja, se ela tem a arquitetura de forma que utilize os caminhos para a cpu corretamente.


    Quando você dá 1vCPU você está entregando o equivalente a 1 pvcpu, equivalente ao MHz do Host, então a VM poderá utilizar até aquele limite de MHZ.

    Exemplo Seu host é um Quad-2.4GHz (Somando daria 9.6GHz), se voce configura uma VM com 1vCPU a VM poderá usar até 2400 MHz.


    Então,  não existe uma formula, o que existe é a recomendação de não fazer um super dimensionamento, se a VM precisa de 1vpuc ,não entregue mais do que isso que poderá afetar no enfileiramento das outras VMs, pode aumentar overhead entre outras coisas.


    Ai vai uma documentacao sobre como o kernal do VMware trabalha para schedula o processamento.




    Se a resposta foi util, atribua os pontos por favor.

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  • 06/17/12--06:19: Prior IT Knowledge to VCP
  • Hi just wondering what do you need to know prior to undertaking or learning VMware and VCP 5.0


    e.g. any certifications or experience prior?


    Lets say if you didn't have any IT experience, could you still get the VCP 5.0?

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    Welcome to the Community - To answer your question directly it is highly unlikely you would be able to obtain a VCP with little no IT expreince. To understand virtualization and VMware you will need at a minimum basic understanding of networks, storage and compurer technologies as virtualization ties all the technologies together.


    When I was a VMware Instructor the students who struggled the most were those with limited or no IT experience -

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    I had to call two of my colleagues to come over and we manage to resolve the issue.

    Here was the way we fix it:

    - My CS had two NICs one was static and the second one was through DHCP.

    - After the Change management was over the second NIC was not taking a valid IP address and the SSL was registered to the MAC address of that NIC, that where was giving the certificate error.

    - We had to remove the second NIC and un join the server from the domain and rejoin it, this way to pick an other certificate which will be registered with the only existing NIC.

    - Rebooted the server.

    - It took long time and it came correct.




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    Similar issue, everything was working correctly on Windows 8 before upgrading vmware workstation.  After upgrading VMware workstation on Windows 8, received “Not enough physical memory is available to power on this virtual machine with its configured settings.”    Solution was to Right click on VMware workstation and run as Administrator.

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    Have you checked some of the solutions from this thread -

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