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    For orchestrator, cody bunch did a brown bag all about it with a number of top orchestrator professionals which helped in my understanding of the technology.


    The marking is done by a person, how exactly they score it I don't think anyone knows.



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    I think your RAID is still building , You should be able to see this activity from whatever onboard RAID controller software the Dell uses


    If you have Dell RAID monitoring software ,  You can view from there also.

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  • 02/29/12--00:32: Re: Windows 7 Pro License
  •      I also found many hidden licensing costs with View in a number of areas. Windows/Office licensing compliance is tough and can be costly. Strangely enough we even ran into hidden license costs for our zero clients. This was not from MS but as you can imagine, many vendors can end up getting a piece of the licensing pie.

         Microsoft licensing can be confusing and costly. I have found that the best way to use view is with KMS licensing. MAK licensing for Windows 7 and Office is just a pain, even if you are in compliance because of activation. Obviously your situation makes KMS unrealistic, but other means of Win7/Office licensing can be problematic with View, over time, because of product activation. For example if you have an OEM Win7 license, each time you rebuild the VM or make a significant hardware change to it you will need to reactivate Windows. If you use MAK you will end up using licenses each time you rebuild your desktops. For this reason, among others such as compliance, I found that using licenses other than KMS takes many benefits of View away from you.

         Assuming cost is the main factor your licensing decisions, would it be fair to say that you don't plan to use linked-clones, security server, persona, ThinApp or any of the other advanced features of View?. Without linked clones you will eat more disk, but with only 5 desktops that should not matter much. Management wise is where you really miss out. Even if you don't use the more advance features of View, implementation can be expensive to do well. I find that poorly performing and/or implemented VDI is worst than no VDI at all. By the way, what hardware will you be running this on? Are you sure View is right for you at your price point? Perhaps a vendor can work with you on licensing to get a deal that will work for your situation. Good luck in your project.

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    У меня в руках  есть СОМовскй ЖСМ модем Cinterion MC52i. В серверной есть кластер с ESXi 4.1 и такой же вСферой.


    Как прбросить данный модем в ВМ??


    Пробовал добавить в ВМ Serial Port с указанием юзать сабж с физического сервера.

    в ВМ появился девайс Serial Port1 который юзает физический порт /dev/char/serial/uart0


    Но ВМ не видит модем!


    ЧЯДНТ ? Возможно требуется перезагрузка ESXi-хоста?

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    Hi thanks for your reply i don't think the raid building because i checked in dell openmanage says the raid finish building and it reports that it is ok i can clear the sensor if i restart the management agents.i want this to go away on its self

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    Hi, I founded a way to set the failback policy on a portgtoup creating an object VMWare.Vim.HostPortGroupSpec.

    I'm wondering ig there is a way to set the policy on vSwitch side, I can't find anything usefull. Someone has an idea?


    Thanks in advance,


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    SQL Server 2005 Express edition which is install by default during vCenter server installation.

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    В bios VM соответствующий com из auto в enable перевели?

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    Bit of a strange one here.  We have two vCenter servers running in linked mode running Update Manager as well.  Whilst patching two servers last night (Both Dell PowerEdge M600 Blades but different speed CPU's) I have two different build numbers.  The servers are updated from different Update Manager servers but I have verified that both Update Managers have exactly the same patch repository.  Below are the server build numbers:


    Server 1 - 502767

    Server 2 - 582267


    Both servers are showing 318 patches applied and I've attached screen shots of exactly what patches are applied / obsoleted.  Server 1 is showing the following patches as Not Applicable:


    ESXI410-201201402-BG (Updates VMware Tools)

    ESXI410-201201401-SG (Updates Firmware)

    Server 2 has successfully installed these patches


    Any ideas?






    ** UPDATE**


    Forgot to mention that both servers are running Enterprise Plus and ESXi

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    In fact I found 2 bugs


    When you moved a window from 1 screen to the other, it was taking 3 or 4 seconds to move ! This was happening connecting from both Zero Client and View Client.

    First VMware gave me a quick fix since there is apparently an identified problem with View 5, VM type 8 and Windows 7x64 and dual screen.

    The fix was to add a mks line option in the .vmx so it works.


    But this generated an issue with Teradici since I couldn't connect any more to a VM from Zero Client, but OK from View Client.

    Teradici eventually sent me a new pcoip_server_win32.exe that fixed the issue. They said it would be made available in the next release !


    After copying this new .exe to the Master, I removed the line VMware support provided and it works OK.

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    You can also use the data migration tool to migrate a SQL Server Express  database installed by the vCenter Server installer on the same machine as vCenter Server. If you use a  different database installed on the vCenter Server machine, you must back up and move the database manually to the  new machine. If the database is installed on a different machine from vCenter Server, you can leave the  database in place and create a new

    DSN on the destination machine to connect to it.


    The VirtualCenter or vCenter Server configuration settings that you can  migrate with the tool include:

    n LDAP data

    n Port settings for the HTTP, HTTPS, heartbeat, Web services, LDAP, and  LDAP SSL ports

    n Certificates stored in the SSL folder

    n License

    n Database data for a bundled SQL Server Express database only




    Use the below link process for more clarification.

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    включил но єто не помогло ((

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    Just a query Andrew as I am still a bit unsure of where the exact problem lies:


    You mentioned...


    "Transfers have been tested from client Mac computer to FreeNAS server", to Win2k8 server and back over both wireless and wired and the same problem. "


    So correct me if I am wrong but is the problem affecting physical boxes as well as the VMs?  I had Freenas (early version) and this ran slow and I put this down to the technology (respect to Freenas) so can you clarify the copy timings for


    VM to Physical freenas

    Mac to freenas


    Have you tried a single large file say 1GB or are you copying many folders/many files?


    Running everything over the 1 NIC for the 100mb lan you have I don;t see there being a problem and I would not change anything until we kjnow for sure where the bottlenecks exist.


    What sort of physical switch do you have is it managed or basic?




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    Est ce normal que je ne puisse pas faire de ping de ma machine hote vers ma VM?





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    Non riesci a fare tasto destro sui singoli file e scegliere "delete from disk"?



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    Я использовал переходник COM==>USB, два модема работают без проблем.

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    da browse datastore, pulsante con la "X" rossa (delete this item)



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    I was also suffering this problem. (Host OS is Win7 x64)


    In my case it was the Google crash handler causing it.


    To find out the cause:


    1) Open msinfo32.exe

    2) Browse to "Software Environment / Running Tasks"

    3) Sort by "Min Working Set"

    4) If the top item has an unusally large value then try disabling that process (The largest on my system now is dwm at 51200, GoogleCrashHandler was over 4000000).


    To disable GoogleCrashHandler:


    1) Open Chrome

    2) Go to address: chrome://settings

    3) Choose the "Under the hood" section

    4) Untick the "Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google"

    5) Reboot (May not be necessary - I just did it to make sure)


    Hope this helps someone else.






    Message was edited by: Rabbit80                Reason: Typo

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    goto configuration, storage adapter and check if the LUN is visible to the host.


    If so, the ESX server might not mount the datastore because he thinks it could be a snaphot device.

    If the LUN isn't visible under storage adapter, check your zoning and masking.




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  • 02/29/12--01:21: Réduire taille disque
  • Bonjour,


    J'ai une question sur la taille des disques.

    Peut on réduire la taille d'un disque sur VMware workstation?

    Si oui comment fait on?


    Merci d'avance



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